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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  January 18, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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and meisha. a lot of people are going out today to volunteer and want to bundle up. >> it will be cold. you said it, 28 degrees, that's going down there. a lot of kids off school today. hopefully them a stay indoors. roadways are being look good. in terms of wetter what are we dealing with? >> we had the snow that came through last night. careful walking out the door today. if it did snow where you're locate, maybe you have the little icy glaze out on the front stoop or on my drive in this morning, the icy spot ended up being my driveway. so if you didn't perhaps treat your own area there, at home, that could be a little slick this morning. however, the other big story of course the fact it is so cold outside. as we start things offer by taking you to the live neighborhood network look closely, yes, got little snow out there on the boardwalk here at rehoboth beach. 29 degrees the current temp. not terribly breezy according to this particular observation, but it is out there, that wind, and it is definitely making it feel a lot colder than thermometer
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reads. that system that brought in the snow long gone, perhaps leaving behind quick flurry here and there, looking though at some of the area wind gusts, pretty substantial. your into 41 miles per hour gust right now at wilmington, 35-mile per hour gust at philly, international airport, and you see the rest of the readings out there as result, look at the area temperatures true in the 20's and teens but it does feel a lot colder, than the thermometer reads. so please, factor that in. it won't feel any better that the teens no matter where you are here today. as the day goes on, talking upper 20's at best for highs, and heads up guys. later in the week we've got decent shot for snow. we will talk more about that as the show goes on, meisha, a over to you. >> all right, snow angels, maybe a possibility after all. good morning, everyone, happy monday to you, a look in king of prussia. 202 on the westbound side, you can see that disable vehicle, not going to cause too many slow downs right yet. it is still early. so we'll see how that progress action more into the
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5:00 hour. boulevard, headlights southbound direction, there they are, good morning everyone, it is slow moving this morning, the good news is even when we look in new jersey, 42 freeway northbound at creek road, even when we look at busy road like this, everything looking nice and calm and the roadways actually looking dry for the most part what i've seen despite the fact we got that snow. water main break earlier, not active but causing some icing on the roads in malvern, swedesford road closed between church road and phoenixville pike. you are going to have to use an alternate. i would suggest connestoga road or lancaster avenue right now. swedesford road is closed right now. erika, back over to you. >> meisha, thank you. it does not pay to run from police, check it out, weaver new video in from the olney section of philadelphia, where car thieves smashed that stolen suv into the woods. police say they took off when officers tried to stop them eventually losing control at crescent ville road and adams avenue. officers tell "eyewitness news", several men jumped out and then ran into the woods.
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in other news this morning, people across the region are honoring doctor martin luther err king junior today by taking on dozens of service projects. one of the project taking place at the historic girard college in north philadelphia. that's where we find "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo right there live for us, jan, good morning. >> reporter: erika, good morning, a very bug day here at girard college really throughout greater philadelphia. this is the largest martin luther king day of service in the entire country. we are talking about 140,000 volunteers at some 1800 projects throughout our region, here at girard college, this is the signature event. and you can see all of the tables, the boxes, posters are ready to go. now, in just a couple of hours, some 5,000 volunteers will converge here for more than 100 activities. there is the health and wellness fair, there is a job fair, and the big service project here this morning is unpacking, sorting, re packing clothes, for low income and unemployed men and women in the region. this is the 21st year for the
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this day of service here if philadelphia, and this year, is also the 60th anniversary of the montgomery boycott. with that in minds this year eights theme just social racial, economic justice and equality. volunteers start arriving here in a few hours, volunteers setting everything up, and getting the final touches in place will arrive in about an hour at 6:00. the whole event starts at 99:00 but registration starts at 8:00. so still time to decide to wake up and do something on martin luther king day of service. so the health and wellness fair starts at 8:00 then the job fair starts at 9:00a of and all of this runs through 123 so full day of events with a lot of people. they definitely want you to come out and help. for now live at girard college, jan carabeo, "eyewitness news", back to you. >> great day to do that, thanks so much. also tradition, the liberty bell will toll at noon to remember dr. king. we have file video here of the national bell ringing is her moan fry 2014.
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this year's bell ringer will be crystal, the he he is neice of the late civil rights activist cynthia dolores tucker. >> 5:05 right now. shock and grief after a gunman opens fire in a philadelphia shelter killing an employee and injuring another. cherri gregg of sister station "kyw news radio 1060" shows us officers say the shooter has been evicted from the shelter just days earlier. >> grief and shock were visible outside of the station house transitional center on north broad street near huntingdon sunday. >> i saw a man laying there in a puddle of blood. he died. >> this man declined to speak on camera, but as so one of several resident who witnesses dollars aftermath. police say resident evict the from the shelter returned to get his belonging around 6:00 a.m., and got into an alter case with staff. he took out a gun, shot one
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shelter employee five times, another one once in the hip. >> i mean, i was just standing there, didn't know what was going on. >> witnesses say the shooter fled through the main entrance of the shelter, ran through the parking lot and then on toward the railroad tracks here, north broad street septa station. >> former mayor wilson goode runs station house, which shelters 100 men each night. he comforted the victims' family and employee. the immediately after the shooting. >> i don't think that you could have found more dedicated employees. >> those who knew the victim who died say he was in his who's, and well likes, because he went out of his way to provide food and clothing for residents. >> family members said to me as she left this morning, he loved his child. and he did. >> good says his staff is trained but they may consider doing more. in the meantime, residents, staff, those who loved the victims, still in shock
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wondering why and how this could have happened. in north philadelphia, cherri gregg, kyq news radio, kyw-3 "eyewitness news". three americans freed from iran over the weekend are now in germany waiting to be reunited when their families. as don champion reports, they'll undergo medical treatment at an us hospital in lance ville. >> it is a long awaited moment of freedom. >> this picture shows freed washington post reporter jason as he and two other freed americans made stop in switzerland sunday. at leaving iran, internal memo to post staff said is in good spirit. half world away, the sister and brother-in-law of freed marine veteran, amir, left detroit sunday headed to germany to see him. they spoke exclusively to cbs news. >> i don't think it will hit me until i am hugging him, and i'm seeing him. >> after spending three and a half years at iran's notorious evan prison, christian pastor
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is also on his way home. carry went to high school with his wife in idaho. >> my kids actually help put together some cards to write to him while he was in prison. >> the three men and fourth american were swapped for seven iranians held or charged in the u.s., two of them were release from the federal detention center in houston sunday, also this weekend, the us lifted economic sanctions on iran, as part of the deal to rollback the country's nuclear program. >> once again we're seeing what's possible with strong american diplomacy. >> after iran recently test fired a missile, the us moved this weekend to impose new sanctions against 11 individuals, and entities tide to the country's balistic missile program. don champion, cbs news. us officials confirm several americans are currently missing in iraq. local media reports three americans were kidnaps by mal airasia in baghdad. reportedly on their way to
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baghdad airport. the state department confirms several people are missing, however, they are not elaborating with the names due to privacy considerations. security in the iraqi capitol has recently been deteriorating. >> search and rescue teams continue their efforts to find 12 marines whose helicopters crashed off the hawaiian island of awaho last thursday. one of the mars evens captain brian t kennedy is from philadelphia. another missing marine is sergeant adam c shoulder from gardners, pennsylvania, large waves have hampered the search but some debris that officials say could be from the helicopters has been found. >> sean penn says he had nothing to do with the recapture of reported drug lord, joaquin he will chap over guzman. on last night's 60 minutes, the oscar wing actor told charlie roads he was surprised guzman agreed to the interview which ran in rolling stone magazine. >> i was baffled at his will to see us, nonetheless --
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>> because you thought he might be putting himself at risk? >> yes, we followed the protocols laid out by them in terms of communications, so and, as well as travel. >> as far as you know you had nothing to do and have you is it had nothing to do with his recapture? >> the things, here is the things that we know. we know that the mexican government, have been very humiliated by the original escape. they were clearly very humiliated by the notion that someone found him before they did. well, nobody found him before they did, we are not smarter than the dea or the mexican intelligence. >> you can see 60 minutes every sunday night at 7:00 right here on cbs-3. >> still ahead this morning, the democratic presidential candidates debate the issues. we have the reaction from supporters. also, this. >> somebody needs to go -- >> leaders gather at a sunday service to draw a fen sean to
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the water crisis in flint, michigan. we'll hear from the reverend jesse jackson as well as volunteers working for clean bottled water. >> mother nature putting on quite a she in the pacific. check it out. there are warnings for swimmers in holiday weekends. we have the details. >> ♪ >> also, ahead this morning, we have much more on today's doctor martin luther king day junior day of service activities, that's all morning long. we'll be right back. we'll be right back. >> ♪ look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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>> clean you have efforts underway in central florida after pair every tornados touched down sunday morning. one twister killed a couple and injured four children, when it toppled their mobile home in mantee county. second touched down near see he is that key, where two people were pulled from the rubble. >> new video from overnight showing the moments nine rocket landed on floating ocean barge, but then, topple over and exploded. earlier the rockets successfully delivered ocean monitoring satellite into space. space x founder evan must
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being shared this video on source media saying ice from foggy lift offer may have affected one of the rockets' four legs. >> to california now mother that the your putting on quite a show, huge waves reaching up to ten teeth crashing against the rocks, at ventura beach onlookers snapped photos as lifeguards warned of powerful rip current. now they try but couldn't keep everyone out of the waterment some more experienced surfers made attempt to hang ten. >> tried somewhere else, isn't good area. >> feels like washing machine. >> i've been the last four, five years, but, this is definitely the biggest it's been in a while. >> wow, lifeguards had to rescue couple of surfers after they wiped out. >> did you get enough snow to build a snow man? "eyewitness news" in atlantic city last night where the snow just covered the board walk, look at all of. that will we found so snow bunnies also, yes, they say that those funny little ears help keep them warm. one woman visiting from australia says that this is
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the most snow she's ever seen. >> this is as much as i'll probably get to see maybe you. >> don't want to see more? >> more, yes, yes, more. >> maybe make snow angels, then snow men. >> says stick around friday. she'll decide, stick around, she should see the snow by the end of the week. well, that snow caused problems on the roadways in northwestern pennsylvania, this was the scene out in erie county, slick roads caused at least one vehicle to go into a ditch on interstate 90. there were no records of any injuries though, so greatful for. that will but really the coal we are talking about this morning, and the slick spots, too. >> absolutely. even though what we saw back here at home didn't amount to that much. did end up with inch or two plus even close to 3 inches in atlantic sit, thinking that may have been left behind just looked like wet road, that had a chance to refreeze, so very quickly talk about. that will start things off with the graphics here here
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comes the mobile weather lab. icy travel still possibility. temperatures are below freezing, no matter how you slice it, no matter where you are. and any untreated roadways, mariesly still be slick, with icy spots that are difficult to see, just because it is a dark outside. so please, use extra caution, also, keep in mind not just the roadways it, could be the sidewalk, could be your front stoop, your driveway, that was my issue this morning, thankfully didn't take a tunnel but you might so careful out there. storm scan quiet locally at this point, but the area of low pressure rapidly intensifying, pulling away here still snow up toward portions of new england, but more than anything the arctic blast is here, our initial story, and that is what is setting the stage for our next possibility, of snow. and this looks like it is upright decent shot for substantial snow. now, this isn't the storm that's eventually going to be getting here and bringing that to us, in fact, the storm that eventually will be brink that possibility isn't even on shore yet. so lots of question marks remain, however, it is something that we want to gave you a nice big heads up on. in fact, one.
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producers will be traveling on friday, already like what's happening. so i can understanded why you want to know, because this looks like it is a big storm system. however, track is very important. timing right now looks like it is friday into saturday, more specifically p.m. hours of friday into saturday. but significant accumulation is possible out of this. a slow travel, watching this very closely, every model run that comes out, all over it, so we'll let you know's things evolve. but for now just worry about the cold, guys, okay? our future feels like values are not so hot at best, this is the warmest i could fine for our computer model, 14 the best it will feel here this afternoon here in philadelphia. and a lot colder even heading into tomorrow. i do want to quickly get you out to the seven day forecast, that's critical here, right? temperatures start to ease up at least little bit. but not going to hit that 40 degrees mark until sunday. so, with the cold in place, that means, weaver's got decent snow in place for friday. >> coming, we new it would come eventually, thanks, good morning, everyone, happy monday to you, what you are
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looking at right now delaware county past the airport. you can see the snow on the sides of the road right here, maybe letting you know it could be shrill slick down here. ninety-five south approaching 420. taillights moving into the southbound direction, again do, have the snow, whenever we see snow on the side we know it is cold enough to stay frozen and that do lead to some slick spots out on the roadways. also, we did have disable vehicle, this schuylkill westbound, now since cleared, what you are looking at is the headlights moving in the eastbound direction, past 202 in king of prussia. looking good, as you can see, eastbound, just slowly starting to pick up now. ben franklin bridge looking great. looking very nice and quiet out from jersey. and also, we had disable vehicle here the northeast extension near lansdale, that right lane blocked because of that, that's now since been cleared. and also, water main break is active causing some icing in malvern, swedesford road closed between church road and phoenixville pike, use this alternate. erika, back to you. >> meisha, thank you. police arrest father who caused a lock-down at penn
5:20 am
state university. police say that suspect threatened to harm his two children, in one of the dorms yesterday. we're told that suspect was in a dispute with his family. penn state police asked student in hamilton hall to stay in their rooms for about four hours. once police located the father, they lifted that lock-down. >> police in up-state new york are expected to release more information about the death of three people near college campus. the bodies after woman and two men on their 20's were found early yesterday morning. police say no guns were involved, but they did find a knife at that scene. >> with some of the information that was located on or at the scene, gives us some preliminary information that we can say that one of the individuals may have been the perpetrator on scene about the guns, still too early to say. >> two of the victims were reportedly student at the nearby, the third victim former student. >> and autopsy reveals the us
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journalist killed in bell ease was strangled to death. ann swain i on vacation there when she opted out of horseback riding expedition and instead stayed behind to do yoga her body was found floating face-down in the river on friday. the 39 year old was an executive producer at tv station in chicago. authority say a person of interest is in custody, but they caution he's not a suspect. still ahead this morning, two police officers have been shot in utah and one of them has died. we'll tell you what led to that gunfire. also ahead, the latest on the water crisis in flint michigan. why some leaders are calling the whole city a crime scene. >> we'll be right back.
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>> the man police say shot and killed one utah police officer and seriously injured another had federal and state warrants issued for his arrest. thirty-one year old cory lee
5:25 am
henderson and a woman crashed their bmw in salt lake city sunday morning and ran away from the scene. police spotted henderson and exchange of gunfire officer doug barney and the suspect were killed. another officer was injured. >> as soon as offers he is came into contact with they had have, gunfire errupted, multiple rundale were exchanged, both from the suspect and from our officer. >> later members of henderson's family scuffled with police right here at the scene, and henderson's mother was taken into custody. the injured officer is recovering, the search continues for the woman last seen with henderson. >> police in st. louis shoot and kill an armed robber at kentucky fried chicken, that's triggered some protest. investigators say, the 52 year old suspect refused to drop his weapon and raise add handgun at the responding officers who in turn shot him twice. about 40 people gathered at that scene after the shooting, some chanting protests against police. >> there is a dragging water
5:26 am
crisis in flint, michigan, now the federal government is sending aid. the reverend jesse jackson told crowd at a church the impact of lead contamination of the city's tap water is not yet known. but, he adds, it is more than a state of emergency, it is a disaster that needs immediate attention. >> it is now a crime scene, the emergency is a disaster zone for the yellow tape around the whole city. >> volunteers have been going door-to-door handing out clean water, water filters, and also testing kits. it is part of a effort to make sure that flint rest dent have safe and clean water. >> as long as it is needed, until they have a long-term plan, i think we got to keep doing it. >> so far volunteers have reached more than 75,000 homes, the national guard is helping the red cross hand out clean water at flint's fire stations, as well. >> coming up in the next half hour of eye within news, we are live at today's draft
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martin luther ding day of service. jan? >> that's right, this holiday doesn't mean just being off work and school it, means tens of thousands of people in the greater philadelphia area are volunteering in their community, coming up we will show you the biggest service event in the entire country. >> jan, thanks. also ahead, the democratic presidential candidates meet for another debate, and this one was not as friendly as the other. katie? >> and erika, the big story for now it is blustery and very cold with a fresh batch of arctic air in place, but down the road, could we be looking at the first round of substantial snow? it is a pretty good odds right now. we will talk about i
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♪ ♪
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♪ from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning, honoring the dream. we're live as volunteers throughout the region get ready to take part in today's doctor martin luther king day of service. good morning respect it is monday, january 18th, i'm erika von tiehl. more on the king day of service coming up in a moment. also this. >> the democratic presidential candidates tackled many issues during sunday night's debate, while tackling each other. i'm weijia jiang in charleston, south carolina with the highlights coming up. >> first and for most, how about the snow yesterday? >> yep it, came down, didn't it? >> absolutely. >> just taab


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